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Bleeding gums can be a sign that you have or may develop gum disease. Ongoing gum bleeding may be due to plaque buildup on the teeth. It can also be a sign of a serious medical condition.


The main cause of bleeding gums is the buildup of plaque at the gum line. This will lead to a condition called gingivitis, or inflamed gums.

Plaque that is not removed will harden into tartar. This will lead to increased bleeding and a more advanced form of gum and jaw bone disease known as periodontitis.

Other causes of bleeding gums include:


    • Any bleeding disorders

    • Brushing too hard

    • Hormonal changes during pregnancy

    • Smoking and vaping

    • Ill-fitting dentures or other dental appliances

    • Improper flossing

    • Infection, which can be either in a tooth or the gum

    • Leukemia, a type of blood cancer

    • Scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency

    • Use of blood thinners

    • Vitamin K deficiency

    • Stress


How to Control Bleeding Gums


For the most part, bleeding gums can be controlled by regular dental cleanings and home care. For most patients, dental cleanings should be performed every 6 months. In cases of periodontal disease, the best dentists in South Delhi might recommend a deep cleaning to remove all plaque and tartar below the gum line and more frequent recalls. However, without appropriate homecare, the benefits of professional treatment will not be realized.

Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day are key to reducing bleeding gums. Improper brushing and flossing technique can lead to bleeding gums if too much pressure is applied either with floss or your toothbrush. Additionally, when you first begin flossing regularly you may experience bleeding, but this should subside within a week. If you are concerned about bleeding gums, talk to your dentist at ‘White Align Dental Care,’ about the potential cause and appropriate treatment for it.



Home Care


Visit the dentist at least once every 6 months for plaque removal. Follow your dentist’s home care instructions.

Brush your teeth gently with a soft-bristle toothbrush at least twice a day. It is best if you can brush after every meal. Also, flossing teeth twice a day can prevent plaque from building up and turning into tartar.

Your dentist may tell you to rinse with salt water or hydrogen peroxide and water, or a mouth rise designed to treat gum inflammation. Some rinses contain alcohol, so consult with your dentist prior to using one of these types.

It can help to follow a balanced, healthy diet. Try to avoid snacking between meals and cut down on the carbohydrates you eat.



How Can the Best Dentist in Delhi Help Me with Bleeding Gums?


Bleeding gums are common, but it can be a sign of a health condition. It’s best to get a professional opinion from a gum specialist like a periodontist at the best dental clinic in Delhi to ensure you’re using the best prevention. Periodontists can perform a perioscopy to see beneath the gums as well as scaling and root planning and laser gum therapy that can help treat gum disease in its early or late stages.




Other tips to help with bleeding gums:


Do not use tobacco, since it makes bleeding gums worse. Tobacco use can also mask other problems that cause bleeding of the gums.

Control gum bleeding by applying pressure directly on the gums with a gauze pad soaked in ice water.

If you have been diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency, take vitamin supplements.

Avoid aspirin unless your health care provider has recommended that you take it.

If side effects of a medicine are causing the bleeding gums, ask your provider to prescribe a different drug. Never change your medicine without first talking to your provider.

Use an oral irrigation device on the low setting to massage your gums.

See your dentist if your dentures or other dental appliances do not fit well or are causing sore spots on your gums.



Get Treatment for Bleeding Gums in ‘-White Align Dental Care,’ New Delhi.


If your gums are bleeding profusely (whether due to an accident or an unknown cause) you should seek emergency care. But most bleeding gums can be treated by one of the skilled periodontists / gum specialists in the best dental clinic in Delhi.

Schedule an appointment today at ‘White Align Dental Care’ in New Delhi.



Be Proactive About Frequent or Serious Gum Bleeding 


If you experience minor gum bleeding from time to time, discuss it with your dentist during your next regular checkup. Regular checkups are essential for ensuring your gums are as healthy as possible. After all gums are the foundation of the teeth. If your gums are bleeding on a persistent basis or you have experienced a level of bleeding that has made you concerned about your health, do not wait for your next regular appointment. Schedule right away.

The best dental clinic in South Delhi can assess your gum health. They can talk to you about your oral hygiene routine and any lifestyle changes that may be affecting your gums. After diagnosing the cause, your dentist can advise treatment. If it is gum disease and you wait for the next scheduled checkup, the problem can become a lot more serious in that window of time and you can cause yourself unnecessary discomfort. 



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